Calling All New Stylists


I’ve shown this little picture to you all about stella & dot hiring.  I get inspired when I listen to how others are doing so well.  It puts so much more passion into what I’m doing and thriving for.  THE most common thing I’m told when I approach someone about hosting a Trunk Show or even becoming a stella & dot stylist is “I’m too busy!”.   I understand that as much as the next person.  But what I also know is that (and it was confirmed today by others) is that when you love what you do, you’ll find the time to do it!

The call that I heard was geared more towards teachers and how they have succeeded at becoming stylists with stella & dot and have either quit working full time or are making more money with less work time (fun work time might I add) than with what they are doing now.

I love teachers.  Teachers should get paid a high salary.  They spend the most time with our children, they have to deal with our children’s attitudes, but most importantly they are teaching our children.  They are teaching our children.  And when I hear stories of success from teachers that they love what they do AND they love being a stella & dot stylist, it is so inspiring.

One of the stylists from the call had said that she was in financial hardship.  They had to sell things to keep money coming in.  She had seen an ad online for celebrity style stella & dot jewelry.  She looked it up, did some research and found out how much it cost to become a stylist. She had a rocking chair that she had saved and decided to sell it for $199.  The cost of the starter kit!  She talked to her husband about it and he agreed.  She signed on last November (if I remember correctly) and has already made $80,000 in retail sales.  She is a Star Stylist.  What is a Star Stylist? It means I have a team of stylists underneath her, of which 4 or more of them sell over $780 a month in jewelry, and I then sell over $2300 in jewelry to earn 12% of their sales.

Right now I have one stylist under me and that made me a Lead Stylist.  I found an article called Is stella & dot Right For Me.  I took some of her wording above for the star stylist.  But read her article as well.  It gives a perspective from someone other than me.  There are so many people that are hurting for income.  Yes, you have to come up with $199 to get your business going, but you have all the online training you’ll need.  You’ll have team meetings once a month, you’ll have great support from your sponsor.  AND you have fun doing so.  You’ll have fun doing so.

One thing I did learn is that people over think when it comes to doing something like this.  I know I didn’t need much time or convincing to become a stylist.  I love the brand.  I loved how the flow of the shows work.  I love how you can make of it what you want.  I love how you meet new people and grow new friendships.  I love how stella & dot reward you for doing so well.

And this month there is another great reason to sign on.  You will get an extra $100 in product!


At most all you need to do if you’re in limbo are two things.  Go to my website – scroll down and click on become a stylist.  Then watch the videos of Our Story.  Read what it can do for you.  I’m here to tell you that it’s been great.  I’ve been doing this only since the beginning of April and I have one person under me (who is amazing I might add).  A great sponsor!!  I have built an awesome amount of product to bring to my shows.  AND I have gotten so much just for doing well with stella & dot within my first two months that I’ll be able to get a ton of new product that comes out in July!  And if that’s not convincing enough, then host a show.  See what it’s like.  See how fun it is.  See how you can get a ton of jewelry for free.  See how you can work and get paid great for having FUN.

This is the perfect time. Summer is here (well almost here in MN).  You could have a BBQ Trunk Show.  Invite your friends over for a BBQ with jewelry!  Sit back and have a relaxing time with friends.

I can’t stress enough how much I love doing this.  I can’t stress how much you will love doing this.  And when love what you do, you do what you love.


Patricia Peterson  – Independent Stylist

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