About Us

Hi!  We’re Two Girls Cooking.  Jodi and Patricia…

Patricia:  Jodi is a wonderful baker that has taken on increasing her cooking skills since starting this site.  (she won’t say that so I will!!)

Jodi:  I have a passion for baking and I love to try new things and make them my own.  Patricia and I live close enough so that I can share my yummy desserts with her!!!  My family is growing, my husband and I recently welcomed our first child, my son Sam. I also have two cute Beagle puppies named Zelda and Gidget. If they are lucky, something nummy may just fall on the floor for them to sample! Everyone’s keeping me plenty busy, so I do not post as much as I would like.

Patricia:  I love to cook.  I’ve learned to go outside the box and tried some light baking since starting this site as well.  But cooking is my passion…being able to throw things in a dish and make it my own as well.  I also have two puppies.  Clyde is now 2 year yellow lab and Coco is a 4 year old Shih Tzu.  And these two will eat just about anything.  If the baking has gone bad, they are there to eat up the mistakes for sure.  I have 2 grandchildren (that live with me – a total of 5 all together) ages 8 and 7 that love to get in the kitchen and help out too.  It’s believed they like to help when baking so they can lick the bowl, but they do a pretty good job.

Stay in touch with us if you’re looking for quick, easy, inexpensive and fun recipes to make meals and desserts.  We aren’t afraid to try it all and will share with you our success and failures as well.

Enjoy our site!

Jodi and Patricia – Two Girls Cooking!

Jodi and Patricia at the Melting Pot

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