Cream of Celery Potato Hash

Ok granted it’s been in the 90s in Minnesota for quite a while (and in no way am I complaining), but I saw this recipe on Pinterest and it really sounded good. It may be a “Fall” type recipe, but hey, our air is on and I didn’t have to start the oven!! And we used the grill yesterday to make some brats, so all is good!!


This was a super go to dinner.  I made a few adjustments to the recipe by adding some soup and corn.

Super easy, super good.  As you can see, Miss Khali thinks so too.


By the time she was done with her dinner, she didn’t look so clean!  I was attempting to make a dessert and gave her the spatula to clean off and she made a pretty cute mess!


She looks pretty upset that her bowl is gone and that I took away the spatula!!  (Yes, I had to give her more because the eyes get you every time!!).

Back to dinner.  There is something about cream of celery soup that I love.   I was going to add cream of mushroom and was happy to see that I had a can of the celery instead.  It’s something about the flavor.  I love it!!

Give it a try.  The kids will enjoy this one too!!

Have a great rest of the week.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking 😉

Cream of Celery Potato Hash
Recipe Type: Hot Dish
Author: Patricia
  • Bag of frozen diced potatoes
  • 1 lbs pound of browned ground turkey
  • 1 onion diced
  • Oil
  • 2-3 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • salt, pepper, garlic to taste
  • 1 can of cream of celery soup
  • 1 can of corn (drained)
  1. In large pan. Brown ground turkey with one diced onion, salt, pepper, garlic salt or real garlic.
  2. In the pan add the bag of frozen diced potatoes. Use salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste until the potatoes are soft and brown.
  3. Add the soup and corn and mix together.
  4. Cover with shredded cheddar cheese.


Key Ingredient



This isn’t a going to be a post about food (well some of it will be), but it is going to show the importance of friendship.  What length will you go for someone that you call your “friend”?  Are you willing to drop everything for that person or people in your life?  I am.  I have a very giving heart and will do what I feel is needed to put a smile on someone’s face.

I used to attend a church called The Path in Eagan, MN.  The pastor and his family moved away a few years ago and has since started a new church in Indiana called G3.  We’ve kept in touch throughout these past few years by email/text and mostly through the wonders of modern technology called Facebook.

My girlfriend had been in close touch with me last week and I could tell that she just needed a friend.  A friend that may know what and how she is feeling.  Now I’ve had a fear of flying all my life.  I’ve done it, I hate it, I’ve flown with my cooking buddy, Jodi.  She’s had to hold my hand and watch as I nearly threw up and actually cried because I thought the plane was going to drop from the sky!  But last Friday at 3pm I decided that I needed to be with her.  I called Craig and told him I was leaving for the weekend.  I got online and booked a flight.  Since it was last minute, I found it cheaper to fly to Chicago, rent a car and drive my way to Indiana.  Well let me tell you my story before I introduce you to my friend.

My plane was to take off at 7:40pm from Minneapolis.  I am not a frequent flyer so I have no idea about time frames and those sort of things.  Craig got home around 5:30 and asked what time my flight left and he said I should have been there already.  So we get my stuff together and head on out.  I get to the airport and he tells me to run to the terminal to make sure I check in on time!  I get to my gate to find out the flight is delayed for technical problems in Chicago.  Great.  Great. Great.  Every 15 minutes the flight got later and later.  Take off time was now 3 hours later.  Great.  Great.  Great.  What am I going to do at the airport for 3 dang hours?  I walked around and looked at stores, I texted my friends and family to let them know I was going to be late.  I sat down and found myself bored.  So I was looking around and thought, huh, this lady looks bored.  Snap!


Usually I don’t have the flash set on my phone, but I sure did this time.  So when I took the picture of her, she knew what I had just done.  I just said “Ooops, sorry!” Then giggled to myself!  I am the queen of dorks.

I wondered around again and realized that my phone was near the end of it’s battery life.  Now who would have thought being a kid growing up in the 70/80s there would EVER be  such a thing called a charging station at airports for phones/laptops and whatever technical device you may have??!!  Not me, but I was grateful.

IMG_5803 So I plug my phone in and charge away.  I had a good 2 more hours to go before my plane would arrive anyways.  So I was on Facebook, texting.  Doing what everyone else at the airport was doing!  Duh!

I figure out ways to pass the time and finally heard and saw that my plane had arrived and we would be boarding very soon.  Thank goodness.  And this entire time, I didn’t have any fears going through me.  I had a great sense of peace actually.  I knew I had a journey ahead of me and that was kept my mind focused on what I was doing.

IMG_5806I got on the plane, took a picture for the kids, settled in and was ready for my one hour flight to Chi-town.  The town I dislike with a passion driving through, but love seeing.


Fastened my seatbelt and was ready for this baby to take off.  The flight attendant started to go through the drills of safety this, how to do that, when the plane door flew open.  I gasped!  I knew that this was what I was supposed to be doing for my friend, but this was a huge test I was being put through..

The plane takes off and I actually looked out the window.  I saw how pretty it looked and almost cried.  I was about to see my friends real soon.  Or so I thought!! 😉

The flight was good.  Nothing for me to get nervous about.  I didn’t feel sick.  I didn’t feel like crying!!  We landed on solid ground and I was ready to get my rental car.

I take a shuttle to Hertz, get checked in and go to my car.  I open the door and search for the key to turn it on to get some heat going.  No key.  No place to put a key.  I I finally found a button for the car and got it started.  Thinking, huh, how do I lock the doors.  I search around for the key fob and find nothing.  I decided to get the radio set up for the stations that I like so when I’m driving I don’t have to mess with it.  Nothing.  XM Radio is NOT working.  There is no way I’m driving 4.5 hours with a standard FM radio.  So I drive to the office, take out all of my things because I can’t find a way to lock the door.  They find a guy to come out and fix the radio, no luck.  The manager comes out to see if she can get it to work.  No luck.  Get me a new car.  By this time about an hour has gone by.  They pull up with another white vehicle and I saw Ford on it.  Nothing against Ford, I just remember that Craig isn’t a fan.  But when I opened the door, I was in car heaven.  It was a pretty nice car.  I got in and started to mess with the radio to make sure I got this one set up.  It worked.  I got it all set up.  I set the GPS and was set to go.  Almost 2 hours after getting to the car rental!


Who would have thought that the new Ford Taurus’ were this nice!  Not me. But I was having me a good time.  When I stopped here I was about an hour away from my destination.  I needed more coke to keep me awake.  It was now 5:30am!  I had the radio on and would make note of songs that I wanted to hear again that fit the situation that my friend was going through. Here are some of the songs: “Can Anybody Hear Her” by Casting Crowns, “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns, and “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave.  (Those are just a few).  The entire drive I had the biggest smile on my face.  I did because I knew that I was about to see someone that I hadn’t seen in a long time, but knowing that I had a job to do.  And that was to be a friend to a friend in need.  Not one scary thought of being alone in the middle of the night driving alone made me feel worried.

I get to their house at 6:30am or so.  I’m wired on coke and sugar ready to party!  But I was told that I needed to go rest.  So fine, I did.  I fell asleep for about 2 hours.  I didn’t want to waste away time since I was leaving the next day.  Being tired or not I wanted to get up and talk and hang out.

So I took a picture of a picture on their wall.


I send this picture to my friend and asked her if it was okay to come out!!!  I hear an “of course honey” so I opened the door and settled down on the couch for a day long of talking.  I was so happy to be there.  I was just so happy.
We decided that we both wanted to get a tattoo.  We made an appointment but it just didn’t work out so we both decided that we would get the same tattoo, but at separate times.  Instead we drove to the grocery store to make home made Pot Pie Crumbles.  Now I did not get a positive response about her taking direction from me and her making the dinner.  But, as you all know, I love to be in the kitchen and cook with the kids.  So we turn on the radio and get ready to get this dinner started.  There were some minor complaints along the way, but she did a fabulous job and made the dinner better than I did!  I was so proud of her!  And she was very proud of herself. (As I sit here typing this I have the biggest smile)!  What a great night we had.

Off to bed we go.  Alarms set to get ready for church.  I was so excited to get to hear her husband preach.  I was so excited to see the new set up and just to be a part of this process was so awesome to me!  Super excited!!




The stage is ready to go!!

As Praise and Worship started there was a song that I had sent for Carrie to listen to that I heard on the Radio.  They played one of these songs.  How amazing is that!  “Safe” by Britt Nicole.

It was a great service with huge break throughs.  I am soooo glad I made this spur of the moment trip for my friend.


Here is a picture of the matching tattoos that we will both have to remember our special weekend.  I got mine this past Tuesday and Carrie will be getting hers soon.  It’s a dove with an olive branch.  This represents New Beginnings.


And here is my friend Carrie.  She has put a lasting mark on my life even more so from last weekend.  Through tests and trials in life, we can choose to stand strong or fall short of the glory that is staring us right in the face.  My friend Carrie is standing strong.



The power of words, experience, and lasting friendships.  I love you Carrie!  To anyone that needs words to lift you up, know that by God’s grace we are all Redeemed.  We can Stand, feel Safe, and know Who am I.

Patricia 😉

“Chinese Take-Out” Lemon Chicken

I’ve made Lemon Chicken before and I’ve certainly had it for take-out dinners as well.  When I saw the ingredients for this I had to give it a try.  It was the lemon flavored Jello that pulled me in.  I wonder if this was to make it more kid friendly?  Either way, I was definitely intrigued as to how this one would go.  Brooklyn was gone for the night so my only broccoli eating buddy was gone.  However, I knew I’d be safer with broccoli over sugar snap peas that this called for.  I seem to have to moderate most of the recipes I find (excluding the sweets of course), so I did leave the peppers out as well.

I love making chinese food at home because you can really control what goes into your meal.  I’ve said this before as well,  the chinese take out is known for the sodium content being sky high.  By making it at home you’ve got the control over what you want and don’t want to put in the dish.

I happen to love broccoli so I thought this was a pretty good substitute for the peas.  I would have eaten the peas and the peppers though too!  I can say that I am not a huge rice fan, but I did chose to eat it tonight to see how the chicken and rice combo tasted. I added just a touch of low sodium soy sauce to mine to give the rice a bit of flavor on top of the lemon.  This was a good dinner tonight.  I only got one complaint from Caleb, but I barely gave him the green stuff!  He only asked for more rice!

Pickiness aside, if you’re a chinese fan and love to cook at home, give this one a try.  I bet you’ll never guess where I got this recipe from!!!  Go ahead, give it a try!

What you need:

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 pkg. (4-serving size) JELL-O Lemon Flavor Gelatin

1 Tbsp. cornstarch

1/2 cup chicken broth

2 Tbsp. KRAFT Zesty Italian Dressing

2 cloves garlic, minced

Make it:

1. Heat oil in large skillet on medium-high heat. Add chicken; cook 4 min. or until cooked through, stirring occasionally. Add snow peas and peppers; cook and stir 2 min.

2. Mix dry gelatin mix and cornstarch in small bowl. Add broth, dressing and garlic; stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add to skillet. Reduce heat to medium; cook 3 min. or until sauce is thickened, stirring frequently.

3. Serve over hot cooked rice, if desired.

I’ve got to say this had great flavor.  The chicken was moist and definitely carried the lemon flavor with the Jello (surprising to me).  So before you dial that phone and order your take out…give this a try.  I’ll think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and glad you did.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking  😉


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