Which Camera?

I have been using my iPhone 4S for all of my latest blog posts.  Sure it has a pretty good camera on it.  But I’m a fan of so many food bloggers that bring me back time and time again, not just for the food and recipes, but just to see their pictures.

I’ve wanted to get a nice camera since my gal pal Jodi, the other Two Girls, got her Nikon D 3100.

Nikon D 3100

I hadn’t had this one in mind until speaking to Jodi today about starting to do some research on it.  I found some information on the Nikon website, but a lot of it is pretty foreign to me.  Apparently, per Jodi, what I am looking for is aperture.  I want to be able to take close up pictures of my food and blur out the background.

My first choice, before speaking to Jodi was the Nikon 1.

Nikon 1 in Pink

Then Jodi sent me an email and sent me to an article to read about this camera.  This is the one that you can see on TV with Ashton Kusher promoting it.  I went to Target and looked at this one actually.  I was sold on it pretty much until finding out that it lacks the features of what I’m really looking for.

And who knew that there were so many cameras and lens that you can purchase?  Certainly not me.  And who knew that one lens would cost more than the actual camera itself?  Certainly now me.

My sister has a Canon Camera that I’ve seen a few times.  The most recent was this past weekend at a birthday party.  This one falls right around the same price range as the others cameras.


Canon Lens

This camera is on that is used by a blog that I follow closely, Brown Eyed Baker.  Her photos are, as I’ve always said, amazing.

What really wanted me to get serious about researching cameras was a specific picture I saw on Just Get Off Your Butt and Write.  The picture of her beautiful little granddaughter  is beyond words.

So here I sit thinking over and over which one would be the best to start my search on.  I’ve done reading, I’ve seen the prices and know what I want.  I just need to know which one of these is the best fit for my needs.  I plan on using it for not only the blog, but also for every day use as well.

So give advise.  Do you have any of these cameras?  Or do you have something else that you prefer?  Help me choose which one I should start me search on.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking