Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

Breakfast for dinner in our house guarantees a clean plate!  Figuring my meal plan for last week this one just came in to mind and could not pass on it.  As I said, I was trying to cut my food budget by following my friend, Heidi’s meals for that week.  She had french toast for breakfast one day.  That made me think of stuffing it with strawberries!  And here we are!!
This would be good with any type of fruit added or just plain cream cheese mixed with your favorite jam.
What you need:
  • 1 loaf French Bread
  • 3 Tablespoons Any Flavor Fruit Spread (You Can Also Use Jelly, Jam, Or Fresh Fruit)
  • ½ packages Cream Cheese (4 Oz), At Room Temperature (I used strawberry cream cheese)
  • 2 whole Eggs (I used just egg yolks due to a little one in the house)
  • 1 Tablespoon Cinnamon (I used more!!!)
  • ½ cups Skim Milk
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter

Heat skillet or electric griddle to 325 to 350 degrees.

Cut french bread into 2-3 inch wide slices. Then, with a paring knife, go back and cut halfway into each slice, in the center, creating a ‘pocket’ that your fruit mixture can be stuffed into.

In a bowl, place the room temperature cream cheese and three tablespoons of fruit spread of your choice. Combine well.

In a separate bowl, break 2 eggs; add cinnamon and milk and combine well.

Now, take fruit mixture and stuff into the ‘pockets’ of your french bread slices. Place on a baking sheet.

When done stuffing each piece of bread, completely coat each piece in egg mixture. Make sure all sides are covered. Do all pieces before starting to fry.

Put 2 tbsp (you can use less!) of butter into a hot skillet and melt completely. Add all of the bread to the skillet and cook roughly about 3-6 minutes on each side, until it reaches a nice golden brown. You want to make sure the cream cheese mixture heats through.

When done cooking, serve immediately with butter or powder sugar.

Craig asked if we used syrup on our french toast!!!  With the powder sugar on top, it wasn’t needed.  Though I think he would have rather had syrup on his.  This was really good.  The look on the kids’ eyes when I put this on the table was awesome!!

Always make time to have breakfast for dinner!

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking 😉


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