Justice’s Birthday

Justice is the 3rd oldest grandchild of mine.  His birthday is January 31st this week and will be 5 years old.  He comes over some weekends to spend time with his dad and Nana!  We got to bake a cake and home made Strawberry Ice Cream.

When we’re in the kitchen we do our best to get the kids involved.  Not just so that they have fun but so that they have a great learning experience and enjoy being in the kitchen.

Justice is one of THE pickiest eaters I have seen. He won’t try any of the foods I make.  He eats either mac and cheese or chicken nuggets.  I was surprised that he liked cake!!

Here’s Justice licking the frosting as they get the cake ready.


Here’s Justice, with his brother Mason being a big helper!!


After the cake was done the candles got put in.  Poor Justice didn’t know that we found some of the magical candles that started up again after you blow them out. The look on his face made us just giggle!!  He’d blow, they’d light up, he’d blow, Mason would blow it out.  They took turns until it finally stopped.



Have a super happy birthday Justice this week.   We hope you get all the fun things you wish for.  See you again next weekend, I hope.

Two Girls Cooking – Nana (aka Patricia) 😉

Thursday Fun

Today Brooklyn finished her very first book report.  I’m still trying to remember if I even knew how to spell in that grade, and this girl has read a book on Elizabeth Blackwell and written a page and a half report.  In second grade.  Did I mention that!!  I listened to her read the book, gather her facts, and guided her in the direction of how to write it.  But she did the work herself!  Way to go Brooklyn.

After that we started a birthday card for one of her friends.  It seems as though one of the kids has a birthday party to go to every other weekend at least.  It’s so funny to look back at when I was younger and compare things to where they are now.  No cell phones, no PS3, no DS lites, no XBox.  We got on our bikes and rode our bikes miles away from home without our parents knowing where we were every second of the day.  But now we have playmates scheduled for days in advance, birthday parties at Pump It Up or Chuck E. Cheese.

I’m thankful that a friend introduced me to the Cricut.  The kids and I have spent hours at a time making cards and having fun doing it.  There may be a bit of bicker back and forth, but our goal at the end brings out a pretty little card!

Birthday Card

After making the card Brooklyn needed a break.  She got the iPad out and turned on her Kidz Bop and listened to music!!

Brooklyn listening to music

While Brooklyn took her little break on the floor, Caleb did his reading for the day.  He had 25 minutes to finish his next reading clock.  He snuggled up in our bed and read to me while I folded clothes.

Snuggled up with a good book!

The 1st graders have a goal of reading 30 hours by the end of the year.  So far Caleb is at 16 hours.  Not much longer to go.  It seems as though reading was more enjoyable to him when he didn’t “have” to do it.

Me?  I took the day off and got my hair cut!!

Goofy Nana!!

Tomorrow is Friday.  Looking forward to the weekend.  It seems after I have a day off from work, I need another day off to get myself back into a routine.  If that even makes sense.

Take time to read, play and enjoy what you have.  Before you know it kids are grown before your eyes.