Princess Cake

So the big day finally arrived on Sunday. It was time to make the Princess Cake. I made two recipes of the Yellow Cake from earlier. Three layers were 8 inch rounds, and one was baked in a bowl to make the rounded top of the skirt. Then I made a double recipe of buttercream frosting for between the layers and a thin coat on the outside. After stacking and icing the layers I covered with a layer of fondant to give it a smoother finish. The cake was then decorated with sparkly gel icing, which ending up running a bit on me. 

It was a little stressful, but it turned out pretty good for my first attempt at something this large. I’m told that the birthday girl’s little brother wants a fancy cake for his birthday too, so we’ll see what he requests for his big day!

– Jodi

Pumpkin Cake

About a month ago I agreed to make a child’s birthday cake. I asked what kind of cake I should make, thinking along the lines of Chocolate or Vanilla. She is asking for a Princess cake. 
After much deliberation and some youtube searching I think I have decided to go for something like this
Because I have never attempted anything like this before I thought I better try a smaller version first just for practice. So I made a yellow cake, one 8 inch round and one in a glass bowl.  Since I love fall I decided these two cakes would make a great pumpkin. I frosted both with buttercream frosting, then covered in marshmallow fondant. 
Patricia also wanted to try her hand at decorating with fondant, so she added a face. 🙂

It was messy and fun. I learned a few things too, so hopefully I’ll be ready when it’s time to make that Princess cake!  🙂
– Jodi