Back To School BOGO 1/2 Off + Extra 15% – 20% Off



Well sadly enough summer is coming to a close end with school starting (or have started for some).  And we, as parents, try to find the time to get the school supplies purchased before they run out, the clothes bought and tried on (without the kids having too much of a difficult time!!) and most importantly, to the kids, the SHOES.

Thank goodness we have a Famous Footwear right up the road from where we live.  We have all three kids in the store, running from one isle to the next trying to find what shoe they want and NEED.  The little one, well she just makes sure that each box within her reach makes it to the floor!!!  Then there’s me just making sure no one gets lost or hurt and the boxes that have been thrown on the floor!  Oh and apologizing for the extreme loudness and mess that has been created by three young children!!

School shopping is expensive.  No other way to say it.  It just is.  But with the great deal that Famous Footwear has, no need to pass up on this offer.  I know we don’t.  Kids want to have what other kids are wearing and so getting a deal is a must!!  I believe that Caleb has put holes in his shoes already so that he can get new ones.  School starts in a few weeks here in MN.  This deal will help us get what we need just in time.  Don’t miss out!!

Buy One Get One 1/2 off with the Famous Footwear Back To School sale. Rewards members take an extra 20% off. Non-members take 15% off. Go get your coupon now!  You have until this Saturday!!

Coupon Valid: 8/8 – 8/17.

Happy Back to School Shopping you go!

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking who’s going shopping 😉

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