Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecakes

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this website called Easy Baked, but I sure am glad I did.  I found these Chocolate Chip Cooke Cheesecakes and…Oh, My, Goodness.  I didn’t even want to make them, I just wanted to eat them.  Since I didn’t have any other way but to eat them other than to bake them….here I am.

I didn’t have the mini cheese cake pan (had never heard of such a thing to be honest) but ordered one so that I could …just to make these.

My pan came UPS yesterday so off the kids and I went to get what we needed to make these.  Caleb was more excited to help me than Brooklyn was.  Which seems to be the case more often than not!

Here’s the recipe for these cute little bundles of foodie heaven.


  • One Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar (the refrigerated dough that is scored into squares)
  • 8 oz. of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • 1/3 c. granulated sugar
  • 2 t. vanilla
  • 1 (8 oz) container of Cool Whip
  • 1 c. mini chocolate chips
  • 12 mini Chips Ahoy cookies.


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Prepare pan by placing the metal disks into each cup.
  • Break apart 1/2 of cookie dough bar.  (This recipe makes 12 cheesecakes but the bar contains 24 cookies.  You can double this recipe and make 24 cheesecakes or just make the other 12 cookies another time.)
  • Roll each cookie dough square into a ball and put it into an un-greased cup in the cheesecake pan.
  • Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes.
  • Cool completely.
  • Cream together softened cream cheese and sugar.
  • Add vanilla.
  • Fold in about 2/3 of Cool Whip and  1 c. chocolate chips.
  • Spoon cheesecake mixture into a large zip-top bag.  Clip a large piece of one corner off and pipe filling evenly over each crust. (Ok so I see the word pipe and I get all excited.  All I needed to do what fill a bag and snip the end.  But no, I try to put my tip on and pipe.  Dork I am…how’d I think I was getting that thick stuff out of the tip??? So I spooned it out and stuck it on that way instead.
  • Use a knife or spatula to smooth tops of cheesecakes flat across top of pan. (I misread this and thought that I had to cut after they were frozen.  Which, duh is much harder when they are frozen)
  • Freeze for about 3-4 hours (or overnight)
  • Remove from freezer, pop cheesecakes out by pushing up on the bottom of each cup. (This took a little practice for me- you have to push it up high enough to grab it by the cookie part.) This was pretty hard to get out.  I’ll say that.  The kids and I did struggle for a bit to earn our prize!!!
  • Remove the metal disk from the crust.
  • Pipe remaining 1/3 of Cool Whip on top of each cheesecake and decorate with a mini Chips Ahoy cookie.  Keep refrigerated until serving.  There was no piping for me of any sort with the whip cream. I put a spoonful on, added the cookie and ate this piece of wonder!!
  • These were definitely a try again treat for us.

I ordered a tart pan that should be here this week. I have another mini wonder I’ve found that I’m excited to make.

Happy Sunday.

Enjoy your week.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking


Easy Baked

Chocolate Chip Cookie-Stuffed Pies

It’s 8:00pm on a Tuesday night.  Kids are in bed and I’m ready to make chocolate chip cookies.  I put my PJs and slippers on and start to grab all of the ingredients that I need.

I go to grab my sugar canister and it’s near empty.  I open my lazy susan and roll it around to find 3 bags of flour and not one bag of sugar.

I ask Craig if he’d run to the store for me since I was dressed for bed.  He said just put on a jacket, who cares!?  So I did.  Put my jacket on and ran to Target.

All I needed was a bag of sugar and another package of pie crusts.  But since I was there and it WAS getting late, I grabbed a bag of the Pillsbury chocolate chip ready to cook cookies.  Yep, I took the easy route this time.  But I think it’ll be ok with what I’m making.  With me, sometimes easier can be better!!

And speaking of Target…who can run to that store and just get what you need?  I saw THE cutest cookie pans and had to get them.

I don’t have any of the silicone baking sheets.  When I saw some shaped like an Easter bunny I thought that would be a great idea to melt the tie dye crayons I wanted to make with the kids (saw those on Pinterest).  That’s another post!

And then I saw Spring Treats Cookie sheet with flower, egg, and bug shapes, I knew I’d be making some cute sugar cookies.  And so then when I saw the colored sprinkles of sugar, well…those had to mine as well.

So my “three” item adventure in my PJs and slippers turned out to be a bit more.  But more fun will be had!!


1 box Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crusts, softened as directed on box

8  Pillsbury® Ready to Bake!® refrigerated chocolate chip cookies (from 16-oz package)

8 milk chocolate candy drops or pieces, unwrapped – I got Dove mini bars and Hershey’s chocolate pieces

1 teaspoon sugar – I used White Sparkling Sugar


1  Heat oven to 450°F. Remove pie crusts from pouches; unroll on work surface. Cut eight 3 1/2-inch rounds from each crust.

2  Place 1 unbaked cookie in center of each of 8 of the rounds; top each with 1 candy, pointed end into cookie. Brush edge of each crust with water. Top with remaining 8 rounds. Press edges together with fork to seal. Brush top of each with water; sprinkle with sugar.

3  Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown.

I made the rest of the pre-made cookies since I only used 8 of them!!

We still have some of the Pumpkin Muffins left over from the other day, but these were calling someone’s name in my house!

Have a great rest of the week.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking

Nutritional Information

  • 1 Serving (1 Serving)Calories 510(Calories from Fat 250),Total Fat 27g(Saturated Fat 11g,Trans Fat 3g),Cholesterol 20mg;Sodium 450mg;Total Carbohydrate 63g(Dietary Fiber 0g,Sugars 25g),Protein 4g;Percent Daily Value*:Vitamin A 0.00%;Vitamin C 0.00%;Calcium 0.00%;Iron 4.00%;Exchanges:1 Starch;0 Fruit;3 Other Carbohydrate;0 Skim Milk;0 Low-Fat Milk;0 Milk;0 Vegetable;0 Very Lean Meat;0 Lean Meat;0 High-Fat Meat;5 1/2 Fat;Carbohydrate Choices:4;*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.