Canadian Bacon Pizza Monkey Bread

I was looking this past weekend for dinner ideas again and somehow found this awesome recipe that originated from Annie’s Eats.  Annie makes hers in baking dish, but site that I got this from used a bundt pan.  And I know the kids would have more fun putting this in a funky pan than just using a cake pan.  Get ready to have yourself some fun!

I made some slight changes to the recipe, but followed pretty close.


  • Olive Oil Cooking Spray
  • garlic salt
  • 2 cans of Pillsbury Pizza dough
  • 6 oz mozzarella cheese, cut into small cubes (you’ll need ~48 pieces) (I used fat free)
  • package of canadian bacon
  • 2-3 cups marinara sauce, warmed, for serving


Spray bundt pan with cooking oil and sprinkle pan with garlic salt.

Pull off large marble-sized balls of dough and flatten (~2/3 of an ounce, a kitchen scale makes this very easy). Top with a slice of canadian bacon and cube of mozzarella.


Wrap the dough around the canadian bacon and cheese, pinching well to seal.

Very lightly spray the pizza balls and sprinkle with more garlic salt and place into the bundt pan.

Repeat until all of the dough is used.

Cover and let sit for 30 minutes, while preheating the oven to 400.

Bake for ~35 minutes, until the top is very brown.

Remove from the oven and let sit for 10 minutes.

Turn out onto a platter and serve with warmed marinara sauce for dipping.

When I bring the kids in the kitchen with me to cook, it has to be something they are going to enjoy making and have even more fun eating it!  And this came out of the oven prettier than ever.  The kids are quite proud of this one!!  Finding a nice little surprise in each bite is awesome to them (ok to me too!!).

Well done kids.  We will be making this again and again.  Even the picky eaters will like this one!!

Have an awesome day.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking


Jason and Shawnda

Eggs Benedict Biscuit Cups

One of the biggest reasons that I love eggs benedict is for the sauce.  I was going to make it homemade, but I also knew that making these cups were going to take longer than I thought!  Since I needed the sauce before baking the cups, I had to make it first.

I didn’t make many changes or omit much from this recipe (with the exception of the tomatoes).


1 package (1.25 oz) hollandaise sauce mix

1 can (16.3 oz) Pillsbury® Grands!® refrigerated buttermilk biscuits

1 package (6 oz) Canadian bacon slices or cooked ham, cut into fourths

1 plum (Roma) tomato, cut into 8 thin slices

6 eggs

2  teaspoons chopped fresh chives

Salt and pepper, if desired



1 Heat oven to 350°F. Make hollandaise sauce as directed on package.

2 Meanwhile, spray 8 jumbo muffin cups or 8 (6-oz) glass custard cups with cooking spray. Separate dough into 8 biscuits. Press or roll each to form 5-inch round. Place 1 biscuit in each muffin cup, pressing dough three-fourths of the way up sides of cups. Place 3 Canadian bacon pieces in each biscuit cup. Spoon 1 tablespoon hollandaise sauce in each biscuit cup on top of the Canadian bacon. Place 1 tomato slice in each muffin up and top with another 1 tablespoon hollandaise sauce.

3 Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until muffin edges turn golden brown.

4 Meanwhile, in 10-inch skillet, heat 2 to 3 inches water to boiling; reduce heat so water is simmering. Break cold egg into custard cup or small glass bowl. Holding cup close to water’s surface, carefully slide egg into water. Repeat with 3 more eggs. Cook uncovered 3 to 5 minutes or until whites and yolks are firm, not runny. Remove eggs with slotted spoon; cover with foil to keep warm. Repeat with remaining 2 eggs.

5 Place 1 poached egg on each biscuit. Spoon slightly less than 1 tablespoon hollandaise sauce over each egg, and top each with 1/4 teaspoon chopped chives and salt and pepper. Run small knife around cups to loosen.

We ate this with Turkey Bacon and a Tropical Berry Smoothie (bananas, mangos, pineapple, and peaches mixed with no sugar Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream and skim milk).

This is a great way to get our fruits in for the day and enjoy something sweet that’s awesome tasting!

These ego benedict cups were so good.  Yep, we had them for dinner!  I keep saying that we’ll try these again some day.  And I know that we will, but I’ve been adding many new things to our weekly menu that we don’t have much of a chance to have do overs!  Which is a good thing!

These were fabulous!!!!!

Happy Cooking and enjoy breakfast for dinner.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking