Brooklyn’s Party

This past October, Brooklyn turned 9!  For the past years we’ve always struggled with what kind of party to have, where to have, who to invite.  So this year I decided that we could have a party at a hotel, invite five of her friends and make have fun for more than just two hours.


There’s Brooklyn and me.

After all of the girls arrived at the hotel, we went upstairs, got things settled, got into their swimming gear and went down to the pool.


After the pool it was time to eat.  We ordered pizza!!


After pizza it was time to open the gifts!!


And after gifts it was cake time for sure!!


And as you can see, she had a good time with that cake..


Well after we did that the girls wanted to go swimming again.  So of course, we did. We had plenty of time to use up and swimming was sure to get them tired!! Yeah ok.


I’m not sure if it got them tired or not, but watching them swim  and run around gave me a run for my money!!

Upstairs we went.  Time to get settled in.


They looked tired right!!!  My sister and I got all settled into our little room and watched a bit of tv.  I fell asleep….woke up to my sister asking one of the girls:  “Why are you out of bed?   It’s 1am.  Get back to sleep now!”  I giggled to myself because if anything, I thought it would be me out there hearing the noise and telling them to stop and go to sleep.  But it was Auntie that was giving to the girls.  Go on and be the bad one I thought!  I snuggled back into my sleep!!

I don’t recall what time we got up, but I do know we had a pretty good breakfast with the girls.

If you’re out of ideas on what to do for a party, this is a great idea.  You spend less money, you get to hang out a day with your friends and go swimming.

This was a great time.  We’ll be doing it again for Caleb’s birthday this month!

Happy Birthday parties to your ideas!!

Patricia – Nana

Our Easter Eggs

Every year we are like most families that celebrate Easter, we color our eggs.  I’m not one to be all fancy smancy with out eggs because the kids are the ones that make them for us all.  If I were in charge of how it were to be done, there would be a huge fight!  So I sit and watch and try to direct as much as possible on how to do this or how to do that.  My only panic was when I looked over to see them both using their hands in the dye, or when Caleb had started to pour the dye over his eggs, which then was all over the table.

Jodi and Sammie stopped over to have dinner with us (we had Pulled Pork Sammies) and dye an egg or two.  I didn’t even get a picture of the handsome little guy for you all to see.  It was a pretty hectic night here!!!!!  Not with Sammie of course.  But a lot going on at once!

The Friday before Jodi and I had a conversation about the meaning of Good Friday.   I like to have a conversation with the kids when holiday’s come up so that they know the meaning behind the day.  I can’t say that I know the reason behind the coloring of the Easter eggs and the Easter bunny, but I can explain what Good Friday and Easter means to them.  So far, they haven’t asked how it fits together.  When that happens, I may need some good advise.

Saturday came and went with a minimal mess made with the eggs.  The Easter Bunny came and succeeded to please the kids.  We went to church that morning with the kids all dressed nice.  I even got a picture of them with their arms around each other (I won’t say what happened after the photo snapped!!

I hope you all had the best Holiday with your family, friends and loved ones.  May your days be blessed with Love, Joy, Happiness and Peace.

Patricia, Brooklyn and Caleb

Introducing Samuel

About three and a half months ago my husband and I welcomed our first child, our son Samuel. He is such a happy little guy, we are so blessed to have him in our lives! As a new and first time mom I could go on and on for days about every little thing that’s happened since he arrived. I’ll try to keep this short; I don’t really have time to post every detail, but I do want to tell you a little bit about him.

People say he looks like me, though I can tell you the dimple in his chin comes straight from his dad. He’s happiest in the morning when he first gets up, but even when he’s fussy, he’s not so bad. My mom says he’s a much easier baby than I was! He mostly sleeps through the night – Thank Goodness!

This isn’t to say it’s all been easy. There have been plenty of times I was sure I’d ruined him already. He only slept in his bouncy chair for a while, I was sure he’d never sleep in a bassinet or crib. He had to be bottle fed in the hospital, I thought we’d never get the hang of breastfeeding. These things and lots of other smaller issues did eventually get resolved. I’m lucky to have a very supportive husband and we also have great family and friends to help.

Sam loves bathtime, and also the time just before the bath when he’s down to nothing but a diaper. He talks (coos) a lot and lately has taken up growling like a little pirate -Arrr! He seems to grow and learn more every day. He’s getting stronger too. I put him down on the lower end of his crib, and by morning not only has he pushed himself to the top but he’s turned himself sideways too!

I’ll stop going on and posting pictures for now. I have taken hundreds of pictures already and am not slowing down! I want to remember and be able to look back at every little grin. I’ll share more as Sam continues to grow and change.

– Sam’s Mom (Jodi)

Cooking with Kids

Today after work, the kids and I spent three hours in the kitchen cooking.  We made two different recipes that we’ll post soon for you all.  I thought I’d share some of the pictures of the fun we had today.


Enjoying our food


Eating some of our cooking


I got some pictures too of the kids actually sitting at the same table coloring today as well.  We had a few moments where there was some back and forth between the two of them, but for the most part we had a good time together this afternoon!

Color Time


Caleb I'm not taking a pix of him

Brooklyn and Rosetta coloring

I try my best to spend some quality time with each of the kids separately but they do make it difficult.  There is so much competition between the two of them for attention that when one is doing something with me, the other is right there having to do the same thing.  I tried to get Brooklyn to help me make the appetizer but Caleb insisted that he help too.  I ended up making two batches of the appetizers and doing dinner alone!

What a good way to end the long weekend.  Good cooking, good quality time and great food!

I believe in getting the kids as involved in the kitchen at this age so that they, not only learn how to cook, but also to enjoy doing it.

Getting our pastry ready

Caleb getting our pastry ready

Happy President’s Day.

Patricia, Caleb and Brooklyn

Thursday Fun

Today Brooklyn finished her very first book report.  I’m still trying to remember if I even knew how to spell in that grade, and this girl has read a book on Elizabeth Blackwell and written a page and a half report.  In second grade.  Did I mention that!!  I listened to her read the book, gather her facts, and guided her in the direction of how to write it.  But she did the work herself!  Way to go Brooklyn.

After that we started a birthday card for one of her friends.  It seems as though one of the kids has a birthday party to go to every other weekend at least.  It’s so funny to look back at when I was younger and compare things to where they are now.  No cell phones, no PS3, no DS lites, no XBox.  We got on our bikes and rode our bikes miles away from home without our parents knowing where we were every second of the day.  But now we have playmates scheduled for days in advance, birthday parties at Pump It Up or Chuck E. Cheese.

I’m thankful that a friend introduced me to the Cricut.  The kids and I have spent hours at a time making cards and having fun doing it.  There may be a bit of bicker back and forth, but our goal at the end brings out a pretty little card!

Birthday Card

After making the card Brooklyn needed a break.  She got the iPad out and turned on her Kidz Bop and listened to music!!

Brooklyn listening to music

While Brooklyn took her little break on the floor, Caleb did his reading for the day.  He had 25 minutes to finish his next reading clock.  He snuggled up in our bed and read to me while I folded clothes.

Snuggled up with a good book!

The 1st graders have a goal of reading 30 hours by the end of the year.  So far Caleb is at 16 hours.  Not much longer to go.  It seems as though reading was more enjoyable to him when he didn’t “have” to do it.

Me?  I took the day off and got my hair cut!!

Goofy Nana!!

Tomorrow is Friday.  Looking forward to the weekend.  It seems after I have a day off from work, I need another day off to get myself back into a routine.  If that even makes sense.

Take time to read, play and enjoy what you have.  Before you know it kids are grown before your eyes.