I Love My Cub – “Great Sweepstakes”



Oh my gosh….where does time go.  This will be week three for the Cub Sweepstakes.  Have you entered yet?  Have you gotten together with your friends/family to see who can come up with the BEST I love my Cub video/picture?  If you haven’t, well what are you waiting for?   $4500 gift card.  Uh hum…let me repeat that.  $4500 gift card to cub.  Imagine all the chips and salsa you can have!  Or the filet mignon’s you can grill before the winter season hits.

Let me show you the rules (yes click that link for the rules) and prizes again just in case you forgot.  Remember, this is for $4500 gift card.  To Cub.  Free food, free…free.

Here is a list of the prizes again:

PRIZES:  One grand prize of $4,500 will be awarded to the winner in the form of 100-$45 Cub® Gift Cards.  Four $45 Cub® gift cards will be available to be awarded at random to fans who share our Photos or Videos.  Use of the Gift Cards is subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer.  Approximate retail value (“ARV”) of each prize:  Grand Prize $4,500; Cub® gift cards:  $45.00 each.

Okay now that we have that part done, let’s talk food.  What do you have on your weekly menu?  Me?  It was pretty hot today so I made some Mac & Cheese.  My co-worker, Heidi, who gives me a hard time about not making Mac & Cheese from a dang box, told me that this is a quick go to meal at her house.  I’m not one to really make it from a box and she knows that.  BUT, I did buy some last week and we did have it for dinner tonight.  I am ok with it, I am ok with it.

However, I did find this awesome recipe on the Cub site if you’re interested in some pasta this week.


Buffalo Chicken Pasta!!!

I love buffalo chicken.  I love the flavor.  So this is going on my menu for next week.  One day down, six more to go.  Though I could just sit here and do it now since I’m on the site and it does have some pretty good recipes that I wouldn’t mind trying!!!


Berry Lemon Trifle!!  Need I say or show more?  Think not.  I made a Triple Berry Trifle once before and it’s Ah-mazing!  It was for Easter last year and I do believe that we finished the entire thing.  Hmmm….now this has me thinking!  Trifle…fruit is healthy for you….

Well, don’t forget, we’re celebrating Cub.  Go, go, go.  I’m not sure if you’re getting the fun in all of this.  NOT only fun, but what you can get from creating a great video or pix showing why you love Cub!  And you could be the winner.  Of $4500.  $4500.

Go to Facebook and hit like!!  Follow the directions and have a great time!

Have a great week.  I sure hope it cools down.

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking 😉

This sweepstake is sponsored by Cub


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