Hostess & Stylist Rewards


June has some pretty great specials for hostesses AND their guests.  It’s called Dot Dollars.

Dot Dollars – Jewelry Edition is a promotion where customers are rewarded for shopping with Stella & Dot!  During the month of June, customers will earn $25 in Dot Dollars for every $50+ transaction with Stella & Dot. During July 3-11 (the ‘redemption period’), one $25 Dot Dollars certificate can be applied to each $50 spent on jewelry.


This includes hostesses as well.

Now first off, don’t forget to sign up for the free Zebra Print Pouf on my last stella & dot post.   But, hosting your own Trunk Show is going to be one of the funnest parties you’ve had.  Trunk Shows are very laid back.  You can have a girls night out!  An afternoon brunch party with some Mimosas and light snacks. Girls love to get together.  And when there is shopping involved, well girls love to have fun AND shop.

The stella & dot collection has a beautiful new bag collection as well.


Not only that but half of their line is under $50.

I had my first Trunk Show in March of this year.  I haven’t had any parties for a long time.  But one of my friends had one and I really liked the product, the flow of how the show went.  There were no games to play, there wasn’t a forced feeling of hosting a show by drawing a ticket or anything.  The product was displayed on a table and you got to try it all one.  Once you walk in the door a beautiful piece of jewelry was put on!!  I loved it.   The stylist was very laid back.  She was there to answer questions and help us all feel comfortable with what we wanted to wear or what we were looking for.  So I decided to have a show.  At the end of my show I was talking to Ann (my sponsor) asking questions about stella & dot.  I told her how I loved their product, especially their girls line and now the bags.  Most Trunk Show sales make an average of between $500-$1000 in sales.  That gives the hostess around $250 in FREE product PLUS 4 items at half off.  I had to do this.

So Ann gave me all of the information I needed to become a stylist.  I joined a call with the CEO one night and decided I had to take advantage of this great product that I love and become an Independent Stylist myself.  There was a special for signing up during the month of March as there is now.


To become a stylist doesn’t cost much out of pocket expense.  In fact, you’ll make that back and more during your first month of Trunk Shows.

Stella & Dot has what’s called a Jumpstart program:

Welcome to Jumpstart!
This business is fun, fabulous and simple! Focus on the Circle of Success: book, sell, sponsor- and you can earn fabulous pay on your little blue card, and be rewarded with unlimited amounts of FREE PRODUCT— starting with just 2, $300 Trunk Shows! Now that is a great way to build a fabulous display!

In my first one of Jumpstart I had 4 qualifying shows at $300 or over with 4 orders each.  That gave me a total of $3oo in free product PLUS a bonus of $150 put on my stella & dot card (your paycheck gets loaded onto a Visa stella & dot card).

I then went on to Sponsor a friend of mine who went on to meet her Jumpstart in her first month, PLUS I met my 2 qualifying shows of $300 or more in sales in May.  That gave me a total of:


Book & Sell Awards $450.00
Sponsor Awards $300.00
Bonus Awards
Quick Start Bonus $150.00
Circle of Success Bonus $400.00
Promotion Bonus $0.00
Total: $1,300.00

I currently have a lot in credit for product.  How awesome is that!  I have a great collection already from my shows that I had for myself and now I’m able to build more this summer.

Here’s a quick look at what you would get as a hostess for having a fabulous Trunk Show.

That’s pretty amazing!  I know I was excited with my show!

Here’s what a set up looks like when you host a show!


That’s a display of the product that I own.  My hostesses and their guests get to try all of this on and have a great time doing so.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to sit at a salon for a day to host a “Mystery Show”.  I had put names down for all that made a purchase and or booked a Trunk Show. At the end of that day I drew a name to receive the credits from the sales of that show.  Just by stopping by my table.

I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to at least want to host your own show and get some pretty bling for FREE.

Again, stop by my website and take a look around.  I’ll be hearing from you soon.  (there’s a new catalog coming out in July with new product!!)

Have a great day and remember you can always look your best with stella & dot!!!



stella & dot Independent Stylist 😉

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