Very Inspiring Blogger Award

What a good feeling to get an email on one of your posts that says you’ve been nominated for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”!!  Jodi and I have been blogging since 2008!  We’ve both had a lot of fun with trying out new recipes and sharing them with our friends/family!  And something as simple as this just makes you feel like you’re reaching other people in this “bloggers life”.  We may not have the best site or the fanciest pictures (Ok, I’ll talk about myself) but I know that I love doing this.  I love cooking and baking with my kids in the kitchen knowing that we are creating great memories for when they grow up.  And one day they will look back and remember how they learned to make cookies or chicken because Nana taught them how when they were little.  So I say thanks to Noshing with the Nolands for thinking of us!  It means a lot to us!!!!

Here are the rules to participate once you have been nominated

1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Post the award image to your page (the initial image on the post)
3. Share 7 facts about yourself

Ok so 7 facts about myself

1.  I was born on Ground Hog’s day.

2. I have a twin brother.

3.  I have 6 grandchildren.

4.  I have learned to love to bake and not just cook.

5.  I love candy!

6.  Wish I didn’t have a fear of flying.

7.  I love watching reality TV shows.


4. Nominate 15 other blogs and tell them they have been nominated.

1. Averie Cooks

2. Just Get Off Your Butt and Bake

3. A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

4.  Bakerella

5.  Cookies and Cups

6. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

7.  Dinner Tool

8.  Grin it and Bake It

9.  Fresh Tart

10.  Love From the Oven

11.  Recipe Girl

12.  The Foodie Physician

13.  Brown Eyed Baker

14.  Two Peas and Their Pod

15.  Simply Recipes

That was hard picking 15 blogs.  I love so many and go to them all for ideas.

Have a great weekend.

Patricia/Jodi Two Girls Cooking

Thanks for the Award!!!!

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