This past weekend the kids went to their second month of gymnastics.  I can’t believe how far they’ve come since the first week when they started.

Brooklyn is not afraid to walk on the balance beam and fall off.  She holds her head up high and does what she’s told.  She runs down the vault to do a handstand on the vault!!

Caleb has always been less fearful when it comes to doing flips and things.  I enjoy watching them every week.  I hope they continue on to love this as much as I love watching them.

Brooklyn on the beam!

Caleb on the vault

Hope to have another great weekend with them too!



2 thoughts on “Gymnastics

  1. I am a frustrated gymnast =)…. sports are good for kids developing their physical and social skills. Most of all, the support that kids get from their supportive parents just like you… are the best confidence booster!. =) Good luck

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