Here’s final post with the avocados that I have from SoCalAvocados.  I’ve called it my Guaca-Burger!  How pretty is this!!


I usually make my burgers with ground turkey, but I had ground beef on hand instead.  It’s the beginning of February, but I fired up our grill outside and got these burgers ready to go.  I honestly only make hamburgers during the warmer months so that  get to put them on the grill.  No better way to cook a burger but on the grill.  And in February!

When we got the avocados I came up with what I wanted to make, but this was the first one I thought of.  I’ve seen recipes with the avocados smashed and put into the middle of the burger but I took it a step further and made the guacamole and put that flavor inside instead.

Add the Guac!

I was a bit worried the the guacamole would leak out…but it didn’t.  I love avocados and this added a great addition to a burger.  I wanted to add cheese, but decided that it would over take what I wanted.  I added some onion and a pickle with a bit of mayo.  I really only wanted to taste the avocado.

This was a good way for me to take out my last SoCalAvocado recipe.

Thank you again to them for allowing us to have fun with their product.  Much appreciated.

The End

Have an awesome week!

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking



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