Panko Crusted Salmon

Panko Crusted Salmon

I took out salmon for lunch today.  I was going to make it the same way that I had the last time, but thought there has to be a different way to make this.

Last night for dinner I had made the Panko Pork Chops, so I thought, huh….I bet I could put Panko bread crumbs on this as well!  I did find a recipe on Simply Recipes, I just modified it a bit!

Here’s what you need:

1 thawed salmon

2tbs Dijon Mustard

1tbs dried parsley (I did not have any fresh on hand)

Cooking Olive Oil Spray

1/2 cup Panko Bread crumbs (I usually have the Italian flavored on hand but they didn’t have any at the store, so I used plain)

Heat the oven to 400 degrees.

I put some Dijon Mustard, put it on a plate and mixed in some parsley.  I lined a baking sheet with foil (sprayed with cooking spray) and put the salmon skin side down.   I added some salt and pepper to the salmon.  I covered the salmon with the parsley/mustard mixture and then poured the Panko Bread crumbs to cover the entire salmon.  I sprinkled a bit more parsley on top and sprayed it with more of the olive oil cooking spray.

I set the timer for 10 minutes and checked on it.  It didn’t feel quite done yet so I bake for another minute or so.  It should be firm to the touch.

I had left over asparagus from dinner last night that didn’t get cooked (since Brooklyn and I are the only ones that eat it!) so I put this in a pan with water and steamed it for just a few minutes.

Simply Recipes stated this: Panko is a Japanese type of bread crumb that is especially light and crunchy, popular these days with chefs because it doesn’t get soggy. What I love about this way of preparing salmon is that the panko topping seems to hold in the salmon’s moisture while roasting, so the salmon doesn’t get dried out at all. The salmon is perfectly moist, flakey, and seasoned.

I have to really agree.  The salmon was very moist compared to pan frying it like last time!


Good and healthy lunch.  This is something that I do have to make for myself as not everyone has the same pallet in our house!  Nothing I haven’t already said before.

Have a great rest of the work day!

Patricia – Two Girls Cooking Blog

8 thoughts on “Panko Crusted Salmon

  1. Diana says:

    I would love to find a healthy way to prepare salmon that didn’t taste so fishy. We just don’t eat fishy tasting fish. I fix alot of bass,and crappie,but love fried catfish. I’m trying to eat healthier, but can’t find a way to fix salmon.

    • I’ve used Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Salt/pepper on it and baked it.
      Salmon can some time have that fishy flavor to it. It doesn’t take long to make it. I find, in my experience, that if I cook it too long, then I get that fishy taste.
      Let me know what you do.
      Patricia 😉

  2. Jan says:

    Love wild Alaskan salmon–I think this will be on the table tonight, thanks! And just for future reference? “Palate” (pertaining to the sense of taste) – “pallet” (a wooden base that you can stack bags of fertilizer on so you can move them with a forklift.) I’m pretty sure you meant the former. 😉

  3. Samantha says:

    I was wondering if that same coating could be used on other kinds of fish…like tilapia fillets or some other firm white fish. I’m a real novice when it comes to fish, but I want to learn. Thank you.

  4. Orpha says:

    I didn’t have the mustard and it still tasted great! Also, if you want another variation with just a hint of sweet, slightly drizzle some organic maple syrup over the top while baking. This gives it a slightly caramelized texture with a sweet and salty flavor. (Again, I did not use the mustard, but go ahead and try it. Never know what creation you may turn up with!) Wonderfully indulgent, yet still healthy! I have tried this on White Fish and it tasted great on that too!

    • Fish is a hard one for my family. I love it and will eat all kinds cooked any way, they don’t! Maybe for lunch one day I can try adding some maple syrup. That sounds great.
      Patricia 😉

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